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Domain padding: user controlled values for min/max

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Currently, domain padding (what you get by turning on Show Missing Values for dates or bins) only works between the minimum and maximum range of values in the particular pane. For example, in the attached workbook there are 4 rows of data, with times that only go from midnight until noon. Therefore, when I turn on padding, the data is only padded between midnight and noon - visible in the "see padding, limited by range" worksheet.


My workaround for this is to either pad the data myself in Custom SQL or a query, or to partially pad the data using one or two rows that have the min and/or max values for the field in question and then use Tableau's domain padding. I'd like to not have to do any of that.


Here are two use cases:


- Utilization/census/throughput/etc. views with sparse data. A forum search will reveal numerous threads on this topic and a whole lot of Custom SQL.

- Displaying staggered in time data from blended sources. I have retrospective measure results data coming from one data source that is updated once per month or less, and a live connection to raw event data for rarely occuring events. I've set up a query that returns the measure results, adds an extra dummy row to extend into the current month (for which there are no measure results), use domain padding to fill in between, then blend in the event data.


So, this idea is to allow for the minimum and maximum values for domain padding to be determined by the user, so we don't need to do extra padding ourselves before using domain padding. A parameter would be a step in the right direction, being able to control this via calculated fields would be even better.


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