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Add a Map Scale (Released in 10.2)

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This is a request I made in the previous forums, but I am now adding it here. I frequently present maps with extremely different scales in the same presentation. One map might be of California, the next of the Chicago MSA, the next of Manhattan. Since my executives may not and typically don't know the scale or distance of the locations in question I get the request of what is the mileage between A and B. The simple solution is to add a Map Scale such as what Google includes in all their maps (see Figure 2) . I would be happy to have this included as either

  • a new map type in addition to Normal, Gray, or Dark
  • a map option such as Streets and Highways, Country Borders, etc.
  • or just add to all base maps

12-7-2012 9-27-27 AM.jpg

Figure 1: Map Menu

12-7-2012 9-13-43 AM.jpg

Figure 2: Google Maps - Map Scale




UPDATE (1/19/2017): Yet another Great Idea goes into 10.2 Beta, to feed our hungry & data savvy Tableau Testers.


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