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Find WHERE Measures, Dimensions, Calculations are being USED in a Workbook

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There is a time in every Tableau Users' life where he or she uses a data source containing a superfluous amount of dimensions and measures. This is an idea for those having to work with what they're given, for those who cannot change the data source and its plethora of metrics.


Wouldn't it be nice to easily find which handful of measures or dimensions or even calculations are being used (out of the 40 or so) and on which sheets they are being used in a workbook? For example, I have METRIC_ID as a dimension and I want to know on which of the 80 sheets in my workbook this dimension is being used, if used at all. There has to be an easy way to click 3 buttons max and have Tableau output a list of the sheets using METRIC_ID. I'm sure you'd agree that with this feature, I'd have a much more transparent dashboard that can be monitored and maintained.


Moreover, wouldn't it be nice to create a list of data contained in one of the measures or dimensions being used in a workbook. For example, I use METRIC_ID as a filter throughout my workbook to filter only those METRIC_IDs that apply to the sheet I'm building. However, I have 80 sheets that all filter on different METRIC_IDs. There must be a simple way to output a list of all METRIC_IDs (out of the thousands in my data set) which are being used by the workbook!


Now, I know about the hide/unhide features and I know about using log files, but I've exhausted those avenues and they do not answer my very simple plea. Tableau, please, create a solution for this so that I can click a measure, dimension, or calculation and Tableau will list out the sheets it is being used in; even list out the distinct row-level data for that measure, dimension, or calculation.


Please see my unanswered thread here for more information on my woes:


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