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Use most recent date (max date) on discrete Quick Filter after extract update (if only one date is selected by default) [RELEASED]

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I attended TCC12 and was told this was going to be included in Tableau 8 but I just got the BETA and it's not there.


We have several 'automated' reports that are refreshed daily. We pull data for a rolling window, for example last 10 days, but default the dashboard to only show data for the most current day. We provide the date as a discrete quick filter so comparisons can easily be made between different days. The problem is if we set the dashboard to default to the most recent date, it is continued to be selected when the extract is updated even though there is a newer date. It makes no sense it wouldn't automatically (or have an option) to adjust to the most recent value. Since the date quick filter won't auto-update, we have to refresh our local extract and push the entire dashboard back out to the server. If the date did refresh, we could schedule Tableau to refresh and it would automatically pull the updated data and have the most recent data automatically selected.


Quick Filter with rolling 10 day window defaulted to most recent date:


Quick Filter after extract is updated with most recent data:

Desired Quick Filter if date is automatically adjusted to most recent date when extract is updated:



--> Community Manager update [Ciara Brennan]

Feature released in version 10.3.

Latest date presets 10.3 Features | Tableau Software


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