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Easy access to metadata on Tableau Server

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Please make it easy to access usage & report metadata on Tableau Server.

This includes:

  1. <connect to data on a server> from desktop (such as common queries that can be modified)
  2. easy access to views in postgresql (or log files)
  3. documentation of each view, column, and content (e.g. meaning of dimension items)
  4. easy to customize what and how much is stored for how long




Having access to

  • Usage metadata
    • makes it fast & easy to make our own dashboards showing "who uses [not] which view when and how often" with measures we define ourselves, such as distinct usage per user per day, per view, category, etc
  • Report metadata
    • eases data flow documentation (of workbooks, dashboards, worksheets, calculations, parameters, sets, hierarchies, data source, data source columns, used columns, extracts, etc)
    • saves time to find out which workbooks uses certain tables, extracts, columns, etc
  • Users & Permissions
    • makes it easier to administrate security



Use Case


I need to know which extracts, workbooks, worksheets, and dashboards use which data source (both tables and columns) before making changes to source data in our data warehouse.



Remove redundant extracts so more workbooks share the same data source.

Make sure changes in data sources, such as removing or renaming a column, don't affect any workbook.



List of data sources found in extracts and live connections.

List of workbooks using these data sources.

List of columns in use and not in use.

List of worksheets using the data source and column.


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