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Dynamic field labels for multi-language dashboards and more

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Please make it possible to create dynamic field label aliases based on


1.  Calculations

2.  Pre-defined field label aliases  that can work as a unit with pre-defined dimension member aliases



Examples with date calculations:

Constant Field LabelDynamic Field Label
Sales This Month  =>Sales Feb 2015
Sales This Month Last Year  =>Sales Feb 2014





1.  Calculated field label aliases

Add a section in calculated fields for calculation of their field label aliases.

The calculations work together with parameters so users can choose language of preference.

Add  function for retrieving users' locale language settingsso language can be set automatically without user interaction.


2.  Pre-defined field label and dimension member aliases

Make it possible to add multiple "alias sets" to field labels and dimension members as a single unit.

Make it easy to alias all field labels from a single table view.

Make it easy to assign aliases to dimension members.

Make it fast & easy to assign aliases to dimension members with imported tables such as an  integrated multi-alias library

Make it easy to switch between "alias sets" in worksheets, dashboards and stories with built-in alias selector control.


Benefits of pre-defined dimension member alias sets:

They are faster and simpler than current method with calculated fields for switching between translated dimensions.


Cascading effects

When a language is chosen, it should affect all places where field labels appear, such as field labels, quick filters and axes.





Here are some scenarios where it would be valuable:


A.  Multi-language dashboards where users switch between various languages (in my case Faroese and English).
Dimension members can be dynamically calculated today. Dynamic field labels is the missing part. Benefits:


Less development, saving time & money & effort, because only one dashboard is created rather than one per language

Easier to find, because the same dashboard is not scattered into many dashboards

Consistent, because only one dashboard is developed


B.  Show specific dates dynamically complementing or replacing pre-defined field labels



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