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Tableau "PowerPoint Mode" (animated presentations)

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Create animated presentations (what I call "PowerPoint Mode") by recording click sequences for replay in Tableau Desktop, Server, and Reader. Reader is needed for off-line presentations.


It should be possible to switch between pre-set timing and manual navigation (such as click for next slide) as is common in presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint.


Pause, Back to Pause, Resume

It should be possible to pause a presentation so one can interact with current dashboard as normal. This makes it easier to explain various sub-stories and to answer spontaneous questions from the audience.


Play Sub-story

Playing optional pre-recorded variants would be a nice feature too, because pre-contemplated sub-stories most likely would be of 1) higher quality (than spontaneous interaction) and 2) would not break the flow of thought as easily as an unprepared and spontaneous 'pause'.


Click sequences can be anything interactive, such as filters, zooming, and highlighting. Switching between various dashboards should also be possible, even showing non-Tableau webpages to add context.


Possible to Re-Order Sequence and Edit/Delete/Add Sequence Items manually.


Save As
Although the idea is to run this live in Tableau, I also want the option to export the animation:

  • Packaged Workbook with "Dias Show" options in Tableau Reader
  • Image series to folder
  • Animation (mp4 etc)
  • PDF


Possible to add pop-up description, which is a common feature in screen recording software. The main thought is to visually document a dashboard and make it easy to learn for new users. Even so, this also aids good storytelling.


Adding & recording  sound  would be great too, but can wait until version 2 of Tableau "PowerPoint Mode".


Conditional display based on content (inside and outside Tableau) where some things are only showed if certain conditions are true:

  1. Data Conditions
    • Workbook
      • Calculated Fields
      • Data Sources
    • Outside Sources (webpage, database query, text file, etc)
  2. If ... Else
  3. Conditional Loops
  4. Go To Sequence
  5. Sequence Grouping

This sub-idea needs incubation time and therefore probably have to wait until version 3 of Tableau "PowerPoint Mode".


Here are some usages I can think of. I am sure there are more than these:

  • Managers spend much time in meetings and also often need to prepare presentations for various listeners. This will ease their life and make them fall (more) in love with Tableau.
  • Much time saved in exporting images etc (for use in PowerPoint)
  • Fast & Easy production of booklets or 'newspapers' by exporting to PDF
    • With logic as part of the solution, we can create newspapers (pdf, mp4, etc) using 'artificial intelligence' where even the authors behind the logic cannot foresee its content. I picture some dashboards (out of many included in sequence logic) are picked when trends, outliers, exceptions, goals, and alike are different from what to expect for various details, such as customers, products, geographic areas, departments, and staff. News could be published as alerts and regularly (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) depending on the focus of the newspaper.
  • Great for big screens in various departments
  • Quick help on how to use and understand a dashboard
  • A <Show Me Changes> button based on coded logic could activate an animation showing the most interesting variations in patterns (trends, outliers, exceptions, anomalies, etc) that occurred since a point in time and thus quickly show things we need to know now we otherwise (without this animation) might not have detected in time
  • The usages mentioned above will expose Tableau to more people and thereby reach more potential Tableau customers


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