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Use table worksheet as a datasource

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There are plenty of times where I would like to use a table on a worksheet as a new datasource - perhaps there are some complex table calculations that I don't want Tableau to recalculate, or that make the chart difficult to draw. Maybe they are totals that I want to refer back to.


You can sort of do this by copying the table out (view data), then pasting but:


  • This doesn't work when the row count is well into the thousands (copying crashes Tableau with out of memory error)
  • This isn't dynamic - if the source changes, you have to recopy
  • It's just not elegant


Instead I would see a menu item on worksheet which would be "Use data as new source". Tableau would create an extract based on the view and only go back to the table if I chose update extract. All numbers, including those from table calcs would be written out as normal measures.


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