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Snap-to-Grid Dashboard Layout

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For building Dashboards I'd like to be able to create a table of a particular size and then "snap-to-grid" all of my different table elements. I'm finding the layout containers to be very challenging to work with in the dashboard I'm building which has about 30 different sheets being pasted in.


I can imagine this working it two possible ways.


First Option:

1)  Select a table size such as 3x4 or 6x6  Just as I did below with the tools above.

2) The widths and heights of the cells could be fixed by the user just as in a spreadsheet

3) The table lines are shown for building and then can be clicked to turn it off

4) The user can merge cells as in a spreadsheet


Header 1Header 2Header 3
Put Graphic/Metric 1 here

Put something else here by dragging


Second Option:

The layout could just have grid lines set at defined pixel widths and heights and objects could be "snapped" and "stretched" to align with the grid.


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