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Provide simple csv data export in Tableau Desktop

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Export to crosstab currently works differently in Desktop & Server (web).



The Desktop menu option: Worksheet -> Export -> Crosstab to Excel works differently to the web Export -> Crosstab. The web version produces a true worksheet with an entry in every cell (as a .csv file and is correct), the Desktop version attempts to group the data and merge cells (as a .xls file). This current behaviour has been reproduced by Tableau Support and is by design. We would like to be able to 


(export to Access is not an option!)


Web Example:

Category   Product   Value


Toys         Car         100

Toys         Spider     10

Games      Lotto      12

Games      Cards     5

Games      Chess    15


Desktop Example:

Category Product     Value


Toys         Car           100

                Spider       10

Games      Lotto         12

                Cards         5

                Chess        15


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