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Don't Let Windows Settings Change (Destroy) Dashboard Layout.

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I'm beginning to believe using Tableau Desktop/Reader is like the proverbial three blind men trying to describe an elephant. We are all looking at the same workbook on our individual computers, yet seeing vastly different dashboard layouts; and none of us know it! There is a single Windows setting that can totally destroy a Tableau dashboard. Imagine sending a client CEO a dashboard like this:


Font Problem-1.PNG

...and because of his/her own personalized Windows settings he ends up looking at this:

Font Problem-2.PNG

This simply is not acceptable. Knowing this unreadable dashboard could be what we provide our clients, renders the Desktop/Reader deployment route completely unusable. There is no way we can ask our clients to change their own personal computing environments, just to be able to properly see our workbooks. We can't even ask them to send us a screen shot, just to confirm the dashboards are being properly displayed. This is completely untenable. Until this issue is resolved, Tableau is for internal use only, in a strictly controlled/tested environment.


Tableau, please tell us you are working on a fix, and it's coming soon!




FYI: Just to be clear, the two images above were from the same workbook. The only thing that changed was this Windows setting here:


Font Problem-3.PNG


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