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Ability to redirect Dashboard URL Action to selected Web Pages on Dashboard

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Currently, one can create multiple Web Pages on a dashboard. However, the dashboard URL action currently only allows one to direct or redirect web data to the first created Web Page on the dashboard. It would be great if the URL action could be modfied to allow the means to redirect any URL action to any designated Web Page on the dashboard.


This will allow individual or multiple dashboard URL actions to use different or multiple http based filters to display different but related web based data to different Pages on the dashboard. One would then be able to say hover on a sheet and have the web pages display mutiple facets of the filter data displayed on multiiple Web pages on the dashboard. The various Web Pages could become a simple filter to be added as shown below.


Like http://....... <Web Page 1>




Update Feb 26th 2019 (Ciara Brennan)

Idea marked as Released, as per 2019.1 release.

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