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Filters: More options than local and global!  [RELEASED]

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Right now, filters are local or global to a same data source.


That would be great to be able to have filters across data sources (that way we won't have to use filter actions or parameters to share filters across).


Create across datasources filters. Have more than the current Local and Global.

    1. Local – applies to a specific sheet and datasource – no change
    2. Sheets specific – applies to a specific list of sheets for that datasource with ability to choose ALL (if ALL is selected that will be the same as our current Global)
    3. Data source specific – assuming that dimensions/measures have the same names across datasources – select the datasources(s) and sheets you want the filter to apply to – ability to choose ALL for datasources and / or sheets – if ALL is selected for both the filter applies to the whole workbook.


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