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Multi-Values Parameters

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Parameters are right now single value. You can only pick one value out of a predefined list.

What would be great is to make Parameters accept multiple values!



String Parameter for Region. I have 4 values: East, West, Central, South.

I make the Parameter multi-value (new option).


When used the parameter control allows me to choose more than one values (as many as I want) like Quick Filters work.

Automatically and by default, the list of value presented also includes "all" which can be removed (like when you customize a quick filter).

Tableau would add a logical OR between each value.


When used in a formula, I could type something like:

If [Parameter] InList (string1, string2....., stringN) Then etc.


If [Parameter] = string1 OR [Parameter] = string2 etc.


Today, you have to hard code all combination of possible values in your parameter:

East, West, Central, South, ALL, East+West, East+Central, East+South,....etc.

and code in calculated field using if then else what happens for each combination of values used. This is combersome and cannot be done if I have a lot of combination possible.


Of course, you could use Quick Filters but you do have a lot of situations where it is not possible or not the right idea, here are 2 examples:

1- you want to use the Parameter to filter across data sources (and you can't use action filters)

2- your quick filter returns a lot of values and the list is static - refreshing the quick filter each time is not good for performance for my dashboard and I would rather used a predefined list in my parameter.



--> Community Manager update [Ciara Brennan]

The 'Dynamic Parameters' feature currently available in the 2020.1 Beta may be of interest to some users that voted on this idea.


cc'ing Jim Sun as fyi


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