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Allow for proper paging through large datasets

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It would be great to be able to use proper paging, using the limit and offset clauses of SQL.


When working with very large datasets, it can be useful to speed things up by only going through a subset of the results at a time, since Tableau can still take a fairly long time to download from the DB and then render millions of rows of data. I’d like to be able to say show X results at a time, sorted by a particular dimension, and then provide next and previous page controls, and have this converted to the limit and offset clauses so that the data transferred from the database is small, and the amount of rendering done by Tableau is minimized.


Tableau's existing paging feature only serves to hide data, it doesn't prevent it being downloaded from the database and processed in table calculations and so on.


The existing 'Top X' filtering is also not quite what I am talking about, as for one it only offers the ability to limit the results, not page through them. And the main problem is that it is applied PRIOR to any other filters being applied, which is not very useful. In order to get the top X of your filtered results, you have to add the other filters to 'Context'... and behind the scenes this generally involves Tableau creating a massive temp table in your database, which in some cases can be very slow, given the whole problem is that we are working with massive databases.


Our parallel data warehouse DB can pull the top 100 rows of a filtered result set from a 14 billion row table in a couple of seconds. Allow us to utilise the power of this DB properly by leaving the heavy lifting to it, rather than downloading 350 million rows into tableau and spending 20 minutes processing it, or creating a 22GB temp table in the DB (which still takes minutes even on the powerful DB!)



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