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New Calculation Function - EOMONTH

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It would be nice if there was an EOMONTH function like in Excel to determine the last day in the month. This is helpful to determine the number of days in a month, the percent of month from specified date, or any number of other possible uses. I'm using a workaround to divide a monthly budget by the number of days in the month.


Here is my workaround if anyone is interested:


          STR(DATEPART('month',date(str(DATEPART('month',[ServiceDate]))+'/25/'+ str(DATEPART('year',[ServiceDate])))+10))  //Next month

          + '/1/'+ //First of Month

          STR(DATEPART('year',date(str(DATEPART('month',[ServiceDate]))+'/25/'+ str(DATEPART('year',[ServiceDate])))+10))) //Year of next month

     -1 //Subtract 1 from the first of next month to get the last day of the current month.


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