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Change datasource on one worksheet and not others

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Here's the challenge I come across (which has different ways to address it, but for now, let's just say that the data is split into nearly identical excel workbooks, one for each region -- and it has to stay that way).


So, to build a composite workbook that analyzes each of the separate regions in the same fashion, I want to build out some tabs and dashboards for the east region, then duplicate those tabs and dashboards for the north, south and west regions.  Each of the other regions tabs are to point to their separate datasources.


So, if I copy a worksheet tab, then the datasource remains pointed to the original.  Changing the datasource then changes the source for both the original and the copied tab....doesn't achieve the desired result.


If I use the 'Replace Datasource' -- it applies it to all worksheets using that datasource.  What i'd like is the option to choose to either apply the replacement to all worksheets or to be able to select which worksheets are to be changed from the old to the new datasource.  The only way I know to do this action now is via manual manipulation of the twb file (not to be done without making a copy first!).


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