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Horizontal Scroll Bar on tables

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I often have large tables that exceed the width of the screen. While these are not for analysis/consumption, they are used as a staging point to create a new datasource. Sometimes I need to check the far right columns. I cannot do that.


Please could I have a scroll bar?




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---> Refer to Page 10 of Comments for post by Harveen Kathuria

Hello Tableau Community,

My name is Harveen, and I am a new Product Manager at Tableau.   One of the areas that myself and the team are looking into is improvements we can make to tables.

We review all the ideas shared on the community forums and sincerely appreciate your feedback.  Our plan for tables is still under development. In addition to reading the feedback here, we have held several 1:1 conversation with customers on their needs for tables and we will continue to do so.  We welcome continued feedback on tables either here or in a 1:1 conversation that we can set up. Just send me a direct message or reply to this comment. (For more information on direct messaging refer to this post:




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