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Adding locally stored videos to a dashboard and linking data

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For sports analysts video is at the heart of what we do. We use tagging software to code videos in relation to Key Performance Indicators which creates data sets from which we can gain tactical insight for our coaches and athletes. Many sports analysts now use Tableau to "make sense" of these data sets and create dashboards to paint the picture of a performance to our coaches and athletes, however, we've always felt like there's been a missing piece to this. It would be incredibly valuable in "landing the message" and bringing the data to life to be able to embed locally stored videos onto these dashboards, better still, if the time position and duration elements of the data could be linked to this embedded video to show the relevant clip, e.g. if a boxer threw a very successful punch at 3 minutes 20 seconds into the video and the duration was 10 seconds, the embedded video would cut to 3 minutes 20 seconds in and play for 10 seconds showing the clip which related to the data. Another example of how this could be used is to create "playlists" of a particular action in the data, essentially using the data to filter the video, for example, filtering by "very successful punches" would create a playlist of these events.


I understand there is the option to embed a video on a web page using a URL but often our videos are not stored online, nor do we want to add in another process by uploading them online, and this is why the "locally stored" element of this request would be hugely beneficial to crack.


This is a very sport specific user case, but I'm sure there will be other uses of this feature across other industries.


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