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Improve Tableau Community Sign In Experience

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Hi there,


I would like to ask to improve sign in experience for Tableau Community forum.


Let's ask together!


Current Desktop Experience (Google Chrome Version 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • Your friend sent you a link to vote for nice Tableau Idea (by email, for example) or you were redirected from Google or Yandex -
  • You open a link and see that you have 3 buttons to sign in (screen1.png)
  • That reminds me a street game to "guess under which cup the ball is?"
    • Only (#2) button will actually work and after singing in - will redirect you back to idea
    • Two others (#1 & #3) buttons - will show you the main page of Tableau and tell you - "You are already signed in" and show a button to access your profile (screen2.png)
      If you open a link again from the source or just hit "Back" in the browser - voting for idea is still inactive and you can't vote up (or, maybe, vote down)
    • Also singing in with (#1) and (#3) buttons - will remove (#1) from the screen but keep (#3) button if you again tried to open a link for idea (screen3.png)

Current Mobile Experience (Google Chrome iOS 80.0.3987.95, iPhone XS, emulated in desktop Google Chrome, but it is exactly the same on the phone)

  • Your friend sent you a link to vote for the nice Tableau Idea (by WhatsApp, Telegram, email etc) -
  • You open a link and see (actually, you can't see) that you have 2 buttons to sign in (screen1m.png)
    • Both are hidden and one is super hidden (screen2m.png)
    • That experience reminds me "hide&seek" game
    • Clicking both will show you the main page of Tableau after signing in and tell you - "You are already signed in" (screen3m.png)
  • You can try 2,3,...10 times, and no success. It will always show you that you can't vote

Workaround for Mobile Experience

  • Open a new browser tab
  • Sign in. Again, you will see 2 buttons (after finding them) (screen4m.png)
    • Only (#2) button will actually sign you in inside the session across browser tabs
  • Follow the link from the source or copy it to a new browser tab
  • Voila! You are signed in and can vote, write a comment, push a Like button!


Dear Tableau!


Please make our life easier.


Everyone will appreciate it!






While creating and Idea it says that you can attach up to 15 files with total size 75MB... I'm not able to do so with 7. So combining screen1m-screen4m to one attachment


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