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Ability to Disable the One-Click Sort      [RELEASED | 2019.2]

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The one-click sort button can over-ride and totally mess up the set sorts in a view. We really need the ability to disable/disallow these buttons for end-users.




EDIT: Here's a good example of why this idea is important. Recently in Viz Talk Judith asked if someone could replicate a viz of the standard College Boards AP Report. (See attached.) It looks like this:

One-Click Sort.PNG


The easiest way to do this was to create two different worksheets and put them side-by-side, hiding one of the columns of States to avoid duplication. Works good, looks good. Now imagine what happens when the user clicks the one-click sort:

One-Click Sort-2.PNG


The right side is now sorted on score, but the left isn't. This is a dangerous viz to put out there because there is a very good chance it will give completely false information. Even if you set up a global sort, so both sides sort together, when the user hits the one-click sort it over-rides the global sort and now the viz becomes a lie.


(Iain, I really hope your team is working on this and it's high on the list.)



--> Community Manager update [Ciara Brennan]

New feature released with Tableau 2019.2  -  Show/Hide sort controls   (Feature 103010)

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Authors can now preserve the sort order they've set on their worksheet by disabling the ability to one-click sort.


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