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Drill-down & Drill-up for individual members of a hierarchy

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When connected to a cube data source (such as SSAS) Tableau is able to do individual drill-down on a particular node or member in a hierarchy.  This is extremely useful when dealing with large hierarchies - typical examples include product hierarchies at retailers, or spend cube analysis at most large organisations.


It would be great if Tableau could offer that facility when viewing a regular Hierarchy created in Tableau by arranging the fields of a table-based data source.


At present, it seems the only drill-down option is to expand the entire tree by one level instead of just one branch or member.  This is not too much of a problem with a small hierarchy, but once you get into larger hierarchies with many hundreds of end-nodes, it becomes unusable as an approach as the expanded list will disappear off the screen.


Ideally this would be like an Excel pivot table, where you can click the "+" to expand one item at a time (or fold it back up).


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