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Build and Export Data Source Documentation

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What Is Your Idea?


I would like to be able to generate documentation for a given data source from either Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder.  This would include original data sources, cleaning & shaping methods applied, and the dimensions of the final data source.


What problem are you trying to solve?


Tools like Tableau Prep Builder and Tableau Desktop store a great deal of meta data regarding the creation of data sources.  This allows users to keep track of the raw data sources, the methods applied for cleaning and shaping, as well as the dimensions and even value ranges of the final output.  However, communicating these details to users without direct access to both the data source and these applications is non-trivial. 


I would like a feature to be available that allows Desktop and Prep Builder users to generate documentation (in text or markdown formats) that describes how the data source was built.  In businesses where there are many independent analysts/authors using Tableau, this would allow for the easy creation and maintenance of data source documentation (at my company we use Confluence for this).  That way, when an analyst is tasked with generating a specific report they can examine the documentation of each data source to see if any meet their needs prior to requesting a new data source be created.


What work-around have you tried so far (if any)?


Trying to include all data source meta data in the Description field when publishing to Server and copy/paste to Confluence.  Some things get missed through this approach though.


What is your role in your organization?



Tableau Server Admin / Data Source Creator / BI Team Lead


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