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Expand "Show Missing Values" to All Data Types

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The new "Show Missing Values" feature in Tableau 7 allows you to where there are missing dates or numbers in your data set:


This is a great feature, but it would be even better if you could show missing values for all data types. For example, it would be great to see a bar graph of all 50 states, even when only 48 states exist in your data.


It would be nice to show all values in two different ways:

1. Allow you to enter what the domain should be for any field (Right click on field, Field Properties -> Domain...)

2. Scan the entire table for a complete list of values, similar to how the Show More/Fewer button on quick filters work.


For me, #1 is much more important.


I accomplish this task currently by doing complicated database work on the table that Tableau uses, but it would be much more efficient to have Tableau do the work.





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