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Do not show white space on smaller published dashboards when larger dashboards exist in the same workbook

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I searched high and low for an existing idea on this, but the only ones I found were from 2012 and have been archived - though I am not sure why as this issue still persists.


I have 2 dashboard tabs in the same workbook:

Dashboard A size: 850x1100

Dashboard B size: 1050x1600


I publish both to Tableau Server *with sheets shown as tabs* and Dashboard A displays excess white space to the right of the dashboard and below the dashboard filling space to match Dashboard B's size. This is crazy!


I just learned from this community post: Different Dashboard Sizes within the Same Workbook  - that you can eliminate this issue by NOT showing sheets as tabs when you publish, however this doesn't seem like a good enough solution. My users want to have their sheets as tabs - and it'd be great to have the dashboards be different sizes - and not have the design compromised by the extra white space.


Not only does it compromise design, it is CONFUSING for users who then think their dashboard has not fully loaded because there is white space indicating that maybe the dashboard isn't showing all the charts and tables.


My idea is to allow users to have different size dashboards in one workbook, publish WITH sheets shown as tabs, and not have the extra white space shown on Tableau Server.


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