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New Calculated Field Option - FIELDNAME()

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There are many times where I have to write complicated formulas that all do the same thing, but due to current constraints, it has to be done. For example:

Updating values in a viz

IF [Parameter] = 'Sales' THEN SUM([Sales])

ELSEIF [Parameter] = 'Discount' THEN AVG([Discount])


Or using it to format text

IF [Parameter] = 'Sales' THEN '$' + STR([Calculation to Format Sales Dynamically])

ELSEIF [Parameter] = 'Discount' THEN STR(AVG([Discount])) + '%'


This is a tiring and non-dynamic way to build calculations that doesn't always allow growth for business use cases and leaves room for errors.


To solve for this comes FIELDNAME()


This calculation would require a variable to be added in the parenthesis AND would inherit the default values of the field it's mimicking (aggregation, format, etc). This is where Parameter Actions really come into play:

  • Have a list of Measure Names in the dashboard
  • Create a calculated field using FIELDNAME([Parameter])
  • Use that in another viz to display whatever view someone could be interested in to update
    • Custom scatter plots, line charts, etc


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