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Ability to group Tabs into a menu like structure

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From my "Wouldn't it be nice post":


Many of my workbooks end up with 30+ worksheets. I know I can consolidate the sheets on a dashboard and then hide them, but this is klutzy if I'm doing this just to organize, and it means I need to wait for the dashboard to calculate before I can then go out to the worksheet (and potentially unhide, work on it with other sheets, and rehide).


It would be great if I could create a 'folder' tab on the bottom with the worksheet names. I could then drag worksheet tabs on top of this to add them to the folder. To access the workbook I could click or hover over the folder tab and a list of the contained worksheets would roll up (similar to the menu systems in use on the web) where I could then select my worksheet. The current display method feels too much like Excel...


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