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Update Tableau's bundled postgres odbc driver

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Tableau installs a postgres odbc driver along with Tableau Desktop as noted here (Driver Download | Tableau Software ).  Currently, version 9.06 of this driver is being installed which is around 2 years old.  The latest release is 11.01.


We identified and the postgres odbc developers have corrected a couple issues that make this driver work better with Tableau when using ODBC -> PostgresSQL to create the data source in Tableau.  Specifically, "Correct the rgbInfoValue returned by SQLGetInfo(SQL_TIMEDATE_FUNCTIONS, ..)." solves a big issue with datetime columns accessed over ODBC, and is included in version 11.01 (


Can Tableau update their installer to include the most recent version of this driver instead of the 2 year old version of this driver?  And perhaps put in place a process to keep this and other bundled drivers up to date?


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