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Ipad App reading twbx files

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I would love to see an iPad app that would read and interact with Tableau Packaged Workbooks(.twbx).  I know this is possible with Tableau Server, but I am small time (just me), so Tableau Server isn't a financial option at the moment.  And regarding tableau public, I'm just not comfortable with the security.  I work with different organizations (like private elementary schools) that do not want geographic locations of their students public.  So for me an iPad app would be ideal.



--> Update Mar 2019. Note courtesy of Ellie Fields


Introducing the new Tableau Mobile: Redesigned browsing experience and offline access to data | Tableau Software

Offline interactivity in the app gives you access to your favorites offline, provides faster laod, and lets you do interactivity like scrolling through long lists, highlighting and tooltipping. It does not provide filtering offline, though that is a direction we're looking at. The offline version is maintained while a user stays signed in, so if you force signout (like through a Mobile Device Management solution) the offline versions are deleted and will be re-downloaded upon next signin.

We're not planning to build in the capability for the iPad app download a twbx file directly, for a variety of reasons.  However, we're hoping that this offline access solves many of the concerns in this thread, such as being able to get to data while not connected.

Please try out the new apps-- we'd love to hear what you think.



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