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Stop running total calculations in visuals at a specified point

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The problem:

When displaying running totals for multiple years, the line for the current year flat lines to the end of the year but it would be better for this to end part way through the year as in the below.



Example use case:

Often, in my organisation we need to compare running totals vs previous years. This can be anything from the number of calls received to the number of equipment failures. We visualise this using line graphs that display the previous years and current year together for easy comparison, it's required to see this on a running (or cumulative) basis. It's confusing to the audience to see the line extend to the end of the year  as it gives the impression we've already ended the year or we're predicting no increase, therefore it's preferable to end the data being shown at the point of the current date.



Currently calculations can be used to work around this and give the desired result and some examples of this can be seen in questions to the community and even the how-to pages:

Cut-off Running Sum Mid-Year

Stop running total line in the last data point. It continues as a flat line...



To me this should be quite a simple thing to do therefore I propose either

1) the option to end the line/visual at the last record in the data via the Quick Calculation menu - this would be quick and dirty but would make it very visible to users

2) The option to end the Running Total calculations at a specified point using a calculated field/parameter - this would allow for ending the visual at a point that does not explicitly exist in the data, reducing the need to join to a skeleton data set


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