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Ability to auto-resize font sizes when projecting a dashboard to a larger screen

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Problem to Solve: Dashboards that are designed for individual device consumption do not present well when projecting your screen in a conference room, and it is too difficult to quickly resize all text in a workbook, making it difficult to effectively present many dashboards during meetings.


As a Desktop user, I often create dashboards using the default font size 9 or similar sizes that work well on an individual user's screen. This font size is sufficient for when I am working on my own machine or when a Server user is interacting with my published dashboard. However, many meetings I find someone will proceed to share their screen onto a conference room monitor, only for the meeting audience to struggle to see any of the text values (headers, labels, tooltips, etc.).


Existing Workarounds:

  • If possible, meeting members typically move closer to the conference room monitor, including at times standing up in front of the monitor to get close enough to see values. This physical workaround is problematic, particularly when a larger audience is already filling the conference room.
  • The presenter might email out a copy of the dashboard or a link out to the published view on Server for meeting attendees to look at directly on their own computers, but this results in individuals not following along the narrative and the interactions that the presenter intends to convey during the meeting, and it disrupts the flow of the meeting.
  • If a presenter knows in advance that they might be presenting content, they may duplicate the dashboard and create a version that has scaled the fonts to be more legible when presenting. However, this both requires a deliberate effort in advance and is a waste of resources in that the dashboard is duplicated solely for formatting purposes


Idea: Similar to how Tableau can dynamically change layout sizes based on the device (desktop vs. mobile, etc.), provide for an easy way to automatically re-scale fonts when projecting a dashboard to a larger screen.


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