• Data Analyst Job Opening - Houston,TX

    Hi Everyone,   Patient Care Intervention Center is a social enterprise located in Houston, TX that strikes to improve health outcomes through integrated technology solution and care coordination. We have 2 openin...
    Li Gai
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  • Data job @ Montana-based non-profit - Use Tableau for social good!

    Hi amazing people. I'm crossing my fingers for more women applicants for an open data position with our Montana-based non-profit. We create web apps for social good in Tableau, Mapbox, & more.   We have a s...
    Patty Gude
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  • Tableau Happy Hour Melbourne

    I attended last night the Happy hour in Melbourne which was a great event and I made some good connections. I was disappointed that the panel assembled to chat briefly about their use of Tableau in their organisations...
    Teresa Deshon
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  • Community Digest - Ending 2/8

    Happy Monday everyone! I'm back in the office this week and it sounds like I missed a pretty busy one last week! Let's take a look -   Announcements In case you missed it, last week we had our first ever Develop...
    Veronica Simoes
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