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Hi Everyone,


Patient Care Intervention Center is a social enterprise located in Houston, TX that strikes to improve health outcomes through integrated technology solution and care coordination. We have 2 openings for data analyst position. Please check detailed job description here.


If you are looking to your career into the next level or know someone who might be interested please do not hesitate to reach out!

Hi amazing people. I'm crossing my fingers for more women applicants for an open data position with our Montana-based non-profit. We create web apps for social good in Tableau, Mapbox, & more.


We have a super positive & creative culture. Definitely family friendly. And, Montana has unlimited opportunity for adventure. Check out the job here.


I'm super grateful to @AnyaAHearn & @Marena_B for helping spread the word. Feel free to tweet or retweet, so we can help let more women know!

I attended last night the Happy hour in Melbourne which was a great event and I made some good connections. I was disappointed that the panel assembled to chat briefly about their use of Tableau in their organisations was made up of all men. It is at these events that representation of women as presenters/panel members needs to be taken into account. Many of us have interesting and informative stories to tell of our Tableau use and journey often in a wider variety of industries. I spoke with several women who all could have easily presented last night and would have been happy to do so. I encourage others to make this known to Tableau so that we are more prominent at these events..