• Two Approaches to Benchmarking with Tableau!

    The simple method with a defined benchmark and the advanced method where the user defines the benchmark. Learn more here - http://tabsoft.co/2vDNLC6
    Sarah Kurian
    created by Sarah Kurian
  • Sydney TUG Meetup - September 6

    Hi team,   Next meetup is on the 6th of September at Westpac, make sure you sign up as there are strict security procedures in place and anyone that hasn't registered at time of entry will not be able attend. &#...
    Sam Wheeler
    created by Sam Wheeler
  • Tableau Tips Thursday

    Reshaping your data right in Tableau: Materialized Path Hierarchies. Learn more from Josh Milligan here - http://tabsoft.co/2h44W90
    Sarah Kurian
    created by Sarah Kurian
  • Add Tableau to your Linux shop—and download the beta!

    We are so excited to share that you can finally get your hands on a version of Tableau Server on Linux. Our beta version is ready for you to test, provide feedback, and experience the power and flexibility of Tableau ...
    Sarah Kurian
    created by Sarah Kurian
  • Tableau Sydney User Group - April 27

    Hi team, the next Sydney Tableau User Group will be held at the end of this month. You'll hear from Deepak Prasad from Transport for NSW and Eva Murray from Exasol, plus drinks and nibbles as always. Register here if ...
    Sam Wheeler
    created by Sam Wheeler
  • Makeover Monday comes to Sydney

    Hi all,   Just to let everybody know that Tridant and Eva Murray (Tableau Evangelist @ Exasol) is hosting Makeover Monday live at the Hard Rock Cafe on the 1st of May!!   It is a free event and we welcome u...
    Ana Yin
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  • correct data on tableau

    Hi,  I am struggling in getting correct data from database. I have build up a relation but the corresponding data on data table is false. It is not showing correctly. Also, number of rows cannot be increased. I a...
    Nabeel Lone
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  • In search of good tableau consultants in sydney

    Hi All,   im not sure if this is permitted, but I'd be interested to hear of anyone that has had good experiences working with tableau consultants in Sydney and would love to hear of recommendations.. feel free ...
    Ian Barton
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  • Looking for speakers for Sydney User Group

    All, Following in the footsteps of the great Craig Dewar and Andy Kriebel, both of whom presented at the November 2016 TUG here in Sydney. We'd like to open up for submissions for the next event we are lining up... p...
    Sarah Kurian
    created by Sarah Kurian
  • Anyone need a tableau volunteer?

    Contact me via Linkedin https://au.linkedin.com/in/yjlucaslee
    Lucas Lee
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  • Struggling with creating a sales summary

    Hi,   I'm new here at the community and thought maybe someone might be able to help me..   I'm trying to copy the sales summary below that I've seen on the demo worksheet and although I can open it on my T...
    Anna Palacio
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  • Tableau Fringe Festival is just a week away - 7 October 2016

    Have you registered yet - Webinar Registration - Zoom      #Tableau Fringe Festival is a virtual conference for content from the Tableau community, for the community. TFF was founded by Emily Kund to ...
    Sarah Kurian
    created by Sarah Kurian
  • LOD @ STUG

    As promised, here’s the slide deck and demo for the LOD presentation last week at STUG.   Blog post : http://mcclellanau.com/2016/05/lod-stug   Tableau Public link : http://public.tableau.com/profile...
    Chris McClellan
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  • Visual Analtyics class in Sydney 29-30 September

    I want to make sure you all are aware of our upcoming Visual Analytics course in Sydney 29-30 September. This is the first time we've offered this course in Australia and it's one of our most popular courses!   T...
    Megan Fay
    created by Megan Fay
  • User Group?

    Hey other Tableau users! Anyone keen for a user group meet? It's been 4 months since conference and I'm keen to talk to other data nerds (I'm the only analyst at my work!). Let me know if you are keen. I'm based in W...
    Christen Webster
    created by Christen Webster
  • Viz the Vote! Enter Our Politics Viz Contest (2nd Iron Viz Feeder Contest)

    For this contest, we want you to create vizzes on politics: from vote tallies to historical election outcomes, to data about the candidates, it's all fair game if it's about politics or politicians. You can use whatev...
    Sarah Kurian
    created by Sarah Kurian
  • Unable to backup Tableau Server Data Manually

    Hi all   I hope someone here is able to assist as i have failed to find the answer on the internet.   I am trying to make a manual backup of the Tableau Server but i'm encountering the following error ...
    James Tran
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  • How to Map Election Boundaries?

    Hi Sydney Community! Sophie Sparks from Tableau will be running an hour long webinar on Tuesday, 28th June at 14:00 AEST on how to map the election boundaries ahead of the upcoming 2nd July vote! To register click her...
    Sarah Kurian
    created by Sarah Kurian
  • Congrats to Our AirBnB Data Competition Winners!

    Thanks to all our entrants for the first Australian Viz Contest!  Our judges were really impressed with the entries.  (Thanks also to our judges, who provided great feedback for everyone who submitted a dash...
    Chale Dodge
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  • May Meeting

    The May meeting has just been announced for May 3.   It was a packed room last time with lots of interesting conversations about all things Tableau (or data related anyway)   I hope to see you there
    Chris McClellan
    created by Chris McClellan