• Job opportunity with Sci-Fleet Motors, the largest selling Toyota dealership in Australia

    Hi all,   Sci-Fleet Motors (Brisbane-based) is recruiting a Business Analyst to prepare data sets, analysis and reports for all levels of management. Check out the ad here - https://www.seek.com.au/job/40081621 ...
    Michael Begg
    created by Michael Begg
  • Tableau industry Mentors and Partners needed for RMIT Online Business Analytics class

    RMIT Online are looking for industry Mentors and Partners from the Tableau Community in Australia, for their Business Analytics class.   If your company is looking for Tableau talent, this is a great opportunit...
    Neridah Edwards
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  • Tableau consultant in Sydney

    I am looking for a good Tableau expert / consulting firm that is based in Sydney, for a small piece of consulting work. Happy to hear good recommendation. Need to have professional indemnity insurance. Feel free to ...
    Xin Yin Ooi
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  • May 2019 meeting

    The May meeting date has been announced   Click here for all the details .... don't forget the survey !!!   https://usergroups.tableau.com/sydney
    Chris McClellan
    created by Chris McClellan
  • Calling future STUG speakers

    Hey folks,   Thank you to everyone who joined the March 2019 STUG event and our amazing speakers, Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic and Sarah Burnett.   Planning is underway for the next event and we're keen to hear...
    Margarita Moya
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  • March meeting announcement

    TWO international superstars will be presenting at the next TUG.   Click on this link quickly to secure your tickets : https://usergroups.tableau.com/march2019STUG
    Chris McClellan
    created by Chris McClellan
  • July 2018 Meeting

    Registrations are now open at :   Sydney Tableau User Group - 25 July Registration, Wed, Jul 25, 2018 at 3:00 PM | Eventbrite
    Chris McClellan
    created by Chris McClellan
  • Data Day Out

    Tableau are hosting a free conference in Sydney on 24th May. Details for agenda and registration are found on the link. Don't miss out!   Data Day Out | Tableau Software
    Chris McClellan
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  • Tableau Partner Upskill Session

    Is anyone going this afternoon?
    Wenjuan Chen
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  • Anyone after work in Sydney ?

    If you are, please check out Senior Tableau/Alteryx Consultant Job in Sydney - SEEK   Similar roles in Melbourne as well if you're interested.   Please let me know or follow the usual process.
    Chris McClellan
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  • STUG Nov 22 meeting review

    Awesome meeting last night - very detailed and technical from both presenters   Lorna Eden showed some amazing tips on how to get that extra "wow" out of some visualisations. Some very cool tricks to show from ...
    Chris McClellan
    created by Chris McClellan
  • Tableau Designer - any recommendations?

    Hi there   I'm looking for a Tableau Designer that can help us to create a 'info graphic' like dashboard for some of our key metrics (e.g. adding graphics in the background)   The data is pretty straight for...
    Torsten Willms
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  • Sydney Tableau User Group - Nov 2017

    Hi Folks   Registrations are now open for Sydney TUG on 22/11   Robert Crocker will present "How to Extend Tableau with D3" and Lorna Eden will present "My Favourite Five - Tips and Tricks from a Brit" ...
    Chris McClellan
    created by Chris McClellan
  • Trainee

    Dear Community members   I am looking to have hands on experience. Any body can help with it. If it is trainee or Interm I would like to be in.   Thanks in Adevance   Praveen
    Praveen Vummenthala
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  • Unleash your creative side with JavaScript API.

    Learn how to create a variety of customized and automated interactions with embedded vizzes. http://tabsoft.co/2fhdEk0
    Sarah Kurian
    created by Sarah Kurian
  • Sydney TUG Meetup - September 6 Pack

    Hi All,   Here is the main pack with all those links to original blog posts and tableau public items where other people have done the hard work for us.  Please respect and acknowledge their work.   ...
    david tanner
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  • Two Approaches to Benchmarking with Tableau!

    The simple method with a defined benchmark and the advanced method where the user defines the benchmark. Learn more here - http://tabsoft.co/2vDNLC6
    Sarah Kurian
    created by Sarah Kurian
  • Sydney TUG Meetup - September 6

    Hi team,   Next meetup is on the 6th of September at Westpac, make sure you sign up as there are strict security procedures in place and anyone that hasn't registered at time of entry will not be able attend. &#...
    Sam Wheeler
    created by Sam Wheeler
  • Tableau Tips Thursday

    Reshaping your data right in Tableau: Materialized Path Hierarchies. Learn more from Josh Milligan here - http://tabsoft.co/2h44W90
    Sarah Kurian
    created by Sarah Kurian
  • Add Tableau to your Linux shop—and download the beta!

    We are so excited to share that you can finally get your hands on a version of Tableau Server on Linux. Our beta version is ready for you to test, provide feedback, and experience the power and flexibility of Tableau ...
    Sarah Kurian
    created by Sarah Kurian