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After our User Group meeting on Friday, we were asked to post some of our useful and go to materials. 

One thing that I've always found useful is the collection of blogs and articles from our Zen Masters and bloggers.  So... shall we get right to it?



Ryan Sleeper: http://www.ryansleeper.com

     example:  Tableau legends per measure and conditional formatting like excel


Patrick van der Hyde: Patrick Van Der Hyde

     I follow him on the Tableau Community


Jon Boeckenstadt: https://public.tableau.com/profile/jonboeckenstedt#!/

     Lots of examples of higher education data


Andy Cotgreave: Andy Cotgreave

     A Tableau product consultant and presenter at TC.


Jonathan Drummey Jonathan Drummey

     Virtual Tableau Healthcare User Group: Virtual Tableau Healthcare User Group on October 18, 2016


Think Data Thursday


Higher Education user group: Higher Education


Austin user group: Austin





Please share any others that you have found to be helpful... and remember that you can have notifications sent directly to your email.

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