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  • Basic 101 Class
  • Basic designs of a report.  How to prepare your data for the report.
  • How to make an intuitive report.  Designing a dashboard report for the server.
  • Cohort/Peer Analysis
  • Tableau Statistics
  • How to manage users.
  • How to manage report sources - previous versions of reports.
  • Filters
  • Concrete business cases
  • Best practices / Worse practices
  • Tableau Digital
  • Report optimization
  • Changes in source data - way to systematically update your report.
  • Report Distribution
  • Tableau Training - how to roll Tableau out at your organization
  • Web presentations outside the firewall.
  • Active Directory.  How do you have it working?
  • How to cancel current processes on server.
  • Single Sign On.
  • Report Push vs Pull.