• Hello?? Is anyone here?

    Hi everyone, Just check in if this TUG is still active.
    Phat Vu
    created by Phat Vu
  • Looking for a Sacramento Tableau Consultant

    Please reach out to me if you know anyone. Thank you steve@jbrec.com
    Steve Dutra
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  • Looking for some in-person Tableau help

    Hey all,   Wondering if there's an active group here that meets semi-regularly. I'm a journalist looking to brush up on my Tableau. I also have a specific visualization I'd love to get in-person feedback on and...
    Matthew Levin
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  • Tableau Maintenance

    Hi there, I meant to ask this at our user group, but I have a question about a "maintenance renewal" fee that I'm being assessed or offered by someone at Tableau. This seems like a confusing thing, and I don't think...
    Scott Gordinier
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  • where to find and how to insert basketball shot map in Tableau?

    looking for one that shows player shot locations as seen in certain articles and newspapers. Thanks.
    Shawn Ahmed
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  • Just checking in to see if this group is active

    I'm new to Tableau but learning fast. Happy to help anyone as I'm sure I'll be asking for it in the future.   -M
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  • September 23rd TUG Session with new Format

    Hi,   For the next Sacramento TUG meeting we are trying out something new!   --= When & Where =--   23 September, 2014 | 6:00 - 9:00PM PDT Blast Analytics & Marketing Offices 6020 West...
    Joao Correia
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  • Forecasting book

    Hi!   I wanted to share the forecasting book I mentioned in yesterday's meeting. https://www.otexts.org/fpp
    Joao Correia
    created by Joao Correia
  • TUG User Group Meeting - Aug 19th

    Hey Sacramento TUG. After a busy last few months moving to our new office, Blast is ready to host another TUG meeting. Come join us on August 19th at our new office with a dedicated training room.   More detail...
    Charles Davis
    created by Charles Davis
  • Flights Dataset available!

    Hi,   I've setup a database with the flights dataset. Please email me at jcorreia@blastam.com and I'll send you the database connection details. I think this is a great starting point for joint Tableau explorati...
    Joao Correia
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  • Tableau User Group - Dataset Details

    Hi!   Happy to see so many people registered for tomorrow. If you aren't registered yet it is not to late!   In the attachment is a PDF with instructions and details on the data we plan to discuss tomorrow...
    Joao Correia
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  • SAS Integration

    I want to use SAS datasets directly as the report source for reports. It looks like I can get there by using SAS Connect or exporting my datasets to an ODBC database. Any other suggestions? Thanks, Mark
    Mark Stotlar
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