• Hi #datafam! has anyone used Tableau to greate an RGM viz that includes price elasticity and market data?

    Looking for examples of how I can use Tableau to consolidate our Revenue growth management tools on order to create a big picture analysis.   THanks!
    Alejandra Saba
    created by Alejandra Saba
  • Virtual Retail Tableau User Group: July 25

    The recording for July's Virtual Retail Tableau User Group is now available here.   If you have any questions or are interested in presenting at a future meeting, please reach out to Jeff Huckaby.
    Aania Aslam
    created by Aania Aslam
  • How are other Retail companies analyzing Diversity & Inclusion and Pay Equity data?

    Good morning! We received this question yesterday from an HR Manager. Would love to crowdsource answers from the community: How are other Retail companies analyzing their Diversity & Inclusion and Pay Equity data?
    Karen Hinson
    created by Karen Hinson
  • Have you ever wanted to collect feedback from those using your dashboards?

    Here's a simple way to solicit feedback using Google Forms + URL actions.   Create a survey like this using Google Forms Your survey could be as simple as a text field asking for Comments/Suggestions. I want...
    Karen Hinson
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  • Tableau Performance Optimization Flow Chart

    One of my co-workers shared this with our internal user group (a great flow chart that offers ideas for optimizing slow workbooks). I thought others could benefit seeing it here as well.
    Karen Hinson
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  • Which is the best analytical Tableau tool for sales and purchasing reports?

    Gabriela Ivanova
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  • Statistics formula for retail industry

    What are the statistics formulas provided by tableau that is relevant to retail industry??
    muhammad usman
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  • creating combined filter

    Hello,   I got two sources of data(A) sales (B) Returns, with which i have created a dashboard. now i want to create a filter where the returns for the selected month should be divided by the sale sale of that m...
    rohit dhiman
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  • Same store sales, Like/Like, Like for Like Calculation

    Was looking lurking around the communities today, and found this great post by Simon Runc detailing out same store sales (SSS), like for like (LFL), Like/like, etc.  Thought I would share it here with the retail ...
    Jeff Huckaby
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  • Virtual Retail Tableau User Group: March 21

    The recording for the first Virtual Retail Tableau User Group is now available here.   Huge thanks to Nathan Kollett, Jeff Huckaby Karen Hinson, and Marc Hunt for making this event a success!   If you have...
    Jordan Scott
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  • Why Visual Analytics should become part of the "New Normal"

    Tableau Ambassador, Simon Runc recently published three amazing articles on visual analytics and retail. In this three part series, he talks about the background of how things in the retail industry are today, why the...
    Tracy Rodgers
    created by Tracy Rodgers
  • Custom Calendars - What do you use?

    Hello retail group - As we kick off 2017, I have a question.   I would like to do a quick survey of the group, what custom calendars do you use within retail?   I have seen a lot of NRF 4-5-4, some 4-4-5...
    Jeff Huckaby
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  • 6 Trends That Will Shape Retail in 2017

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone has had a great new year.   Wanted to let the forum know that we released our retail trends for the upcoming year.   Would love for you to take a read and let us know what ...
    Jeff Huckaby
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  • Retail TUG Meetup at Tableau Conference

    Hey Group, couple of opportunities to meet up at Tableau Conference for those attending.   The Retail TUG meeting will be held on Wed 11/9 with Will Strouse from Staples presenting on using visualization for Lo...
    Jeremy Poole
    created by Jeremy Poole
  • Why tableau is slow

    I am happy to find this retail community. I work in large retail company and newbie for Tableau. I have 2 tables and 2 graphs in tableau. 5 quick filters and 5 other sheets which i am using as filter instead of standa...
    Tableaunew learning
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  • Good Read on Retail Analytics

    http://www.forbes.com/sites/metabrown/2016/09/25/tim-gunns-lesson-for-retail-data-analytics/#16793df51aec   Good read on how analytics w/o business knowledge can easily miss the mark. Combined w/ business unders...
    Jeremy Poole
    created by Jeremy Poole
  • Sentiment Analysis using Tableau

    Hello Tableau Retail/CPG Community.......I have a Retail client that is looking to speak with clients using Tableau for Sentiment Analysis. Please contact me if you are able to speak with this client, they are a large...
    Frank Margay
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  • Top 5 Features Retailers Will Love in Tableau 10

    With the release of Tableau 10, we highlighted some features that retailers would find interesting.  Would love to get some feedback from the community, what are your favorite features of Tableau 10?  http...
    Jeff Huckaby
    created by Jeff Huckaby
  • Tableau Conference 2016 - Retail Sessions and Meetup

    Retail/CPG group, Tableau Conference in Austin is quickly approaching! Hope to see many of you there.   At #data16 this community will be well represented. There are a number of excellent customer sessions in th...
    Jeremy Poole
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  • Hi Everyone

    I work in retail environment but I'm looking at POS data and looking at anything that may be an indicator that employee might need additional training or they might be up to no good on the till.     I have...
    Aman Cheema
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