Here's a simple way to solicit feedback using Google Forms + URL actions.


Your survey could be as simple as a text field asking for Comments/Suggestions.

I wanted to create a way for users to rate views within a workbook on a five-star scale like this:





  • To do that, I created a sheet in my workbook like this



using a spreadsheet like this for my data source:

  • A URL action runs when users click on a star:

  • To ensure the survey can be completed in as few clicks as possible, my spreadsheet contains a URL column with a specific link that pre-fills the survey with the correct # of stars based on the # of stars a user selects in my workbook.


  • To get these links, I selected “Get pre-filled link” in Google Forms:

  • I filled out the survey 5x to get separate 1 star, 2 star, 3 star, 4 star, and 5 star links:

  • and added those specific URLs to my spreadsheet (full URLs not shown in the screenshot below):

so that when a user selects 5 stars (excellent),


The survey opens in another screen and is automatically populated based on their selection. The user can provide optional comments/suggestions or simply click submit to record their response:



Best part... all responses are maintained in a Google Sheet!



How are you collecting feedback, innovating & improving your workbooks?