Thank you all again for joining us last Thursday...and a very special thank you to our hosted Automated Insights!!!  We have certainly had an incredible year of events and presentations and SWAG and this one was NO different.

Our host, yours truly, kicked off the event by pointing our attention to what was ahead in 2018 and beyond including some great events we are planning as well as a look into the Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends for 2018.


We then heard from an expert in Color Theory, Theresa Marie Rhyne, and even through all the technical difficulties we learned a LOT about the importance of color in visual was like drinking from a fire hydrant with a straw!  ALSO we learned that this year's color is ULTRAVIOLET...I expect to see some incredible vizzes from this group highlighting that color!


Check out her presentation (attached)


Then our host gave us a look into what Automated Insights and Wordsmith was all about.  Their Tableau page where you can learn more/request a demo  They also posted a blog post about their time at TC17


We rounded off the night with a hard-hitting Viz Off...we had several AMAZING submissions but the night was won by Ryan Nokes (@rnokes) which you can see here: rnokes on Twitter: "#RDUTUGMM Understanding holiday spending trends by sector"  ALSO check out all the other great vizes at #RDUTUGMM

Ryan won a copy of a phenomenal book written by 3 of the leaders in the Tableau community "The Big Book of Dashboards" on the link to purchase your own copy or add it to your wish list it for Christmas!!!


On that note don't forget you can still get Theresa's book for 20% with the code in her presentation!!!  Another great item for your wish list.


I cannot say thank you enough for our awesome sponsors, presenters, Tableau employees, and most importantly YOU.  You are the most valuable asset to our community and I look forward to making 2018 a BANNER YEAR!


Visually yours,

Christopher Scott