• Pune meetups

    Hi all,   Do we have any planned upcoming  meet up in Pune ?
    Kartik Baldewa
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  • Next Pune TUG Meeting?

    Hi All,   Does this group meet often? I am in the area for the rest of the month of February and I'd be happy to speak on a few topics or to just participate.   Thanks!
    Carl Slifer
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  • Looking for Tableau opportunity

    Hi Tableau Pune Users Group,   Hope you are doing good!   I am currently for job opportunities in Data Analytics(SAP BI, Tableau and MS Power BI).   Worked as SAP BI Engineer at KPIT Technologies.  ...
  • Features of Tableau 10.5

    New Features | Tableau Software
    Vishal Shrivastava
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  • Unleash your creative side with JavaScript API.

    Learn how to create a variety of customized and automated interactions with embedded vizzes. http://tabsoft.co/2fhdEk0
    Sarah Kurian
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  • Hi, Is there any possibility to hide the sheets which are not used in the dashboard?

    Hi, Is there any possibility to hide the sheets which are not used in the dashboard?
    Yogesh M
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  • Tableau Training @ Pune - Coming Soon

    Hello All, Greetings !   We at CRG Solutions Pvt Ltd - Premium Gold partners of Tableau in India are planing for 2 days Tableau Advance Analytics & Data Management Training in Pune.   Course Name: Ta...
    Vivek Pampatwar
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  • I have installed Tableau mobile app.What is the server name in that?

    What is the server name in Tableau mobile app?
    Tausifpasha Peerjade
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  • Tableau eLearning  Self-paced education for your organization

    What is Tableau eLearning? Tableau eLearning allows you to easily onboard and educate your team in a consistent and scalable way. eLearning courses help users learn the ins and outs of Tableau at their own pace, when ...
    Vishal Shrivastava
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  • Visualizing keyboard shortcuts in Tableau

    Check out the viz below. The viz has the following features: It includes both Mac and Windows keyboards It includes both keyboard shortcuts and mouse actions It categorizes the utility of shortcuts and actions Re...
    Vishal Shrivastava
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  • Happy New Year !!

    Thanks for a great year and cheers to the new year !! May you all have a Tableauous year ahead Best Wishes, Vishal
    Vishal Shrivastava
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  • Tableau Starter Kits

    Practice authoring, interacting, publishing, and administering Tableau. https://www.tableau.com/learn/starter-kits
  • Tableau Unveils Future Product Vision at Tableau Conference 2016

    In its sold-out ninth annual global conference, Tableau Software (NYSE: DATA) came together with over 13,000 data fanatics from the Tableau Community. Tableau also gave a glimpse into its product roadmap for the next ...
  • Tableau 10.1 Is Here

    With Tableau 10, we added dozens of new capabilities to your analytics toolbox to help you do more with your data. And now, we have even more for you with Tableau 10.1! With a new connector, more mapping data, and pow...
  • Dusshera and Diwali Celebrations at Tableau Software Office Singapore.

    Dusshera and Diwali celebrations at Tableau Singapore office with Christian Chabot -Tableau Cofounder and Chairman, Christopher Stolte- Tableau Cofounder and Chief Development Officer, JY Pook- Sr VP Tableau APAC Sale...
  • Tableau Fringe Festival is just a week away - 7 October 2016

    Have you registered yet - Webinar Registration - Zoom     #Tableau Fringe Festival is a virtual conference for content from the Tableau community, for the community. TFF was founded by Emily Kund to ensure...
    Sarah Kurian
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  • Invitation for Tableau #MakeIndiaProud Data visualization Contest

    Hi Everyone,   On the eve of 70th Indian Independence day, we are pleased to invite you to an exciting Tableau contest #MakeIndiaProud. Let the world know the greatness of India by your Tableau skills. Be a pro...
    Tharashasank Davuluru
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  • Tableau 10 will bring with it redone analytics visualizations

    For those generating reports with charts and graphs, Tableau has redone a lot of the basic visualization foundations. This includes the introduction of a new specifically designed font, a new color palette chosen for ...
  • Augment your career..  Tell the world you know Tableau !!

    Do you know number of people in APAC that have “Tableau” indicated in their LinkedIn profile ? Its 32,789 out of which 20,342 are from India.   Use Tableau Public to show your skill sets on Tableau b...
  • Join free live trainings

    Getting started - 21st July 10.30 am IST. Registration :-Getting Started (Asia Pacific) | Tableau Software    Data Blending,Joining and Sets - 28th July 10.30 am IST . Registration :- Data Blending, Joinin...