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The Evolution of Business Intelligence - Bentonville


June 8, 2017 at 2:30 pm


21c Museum Hotel

200 NE A St

Bentonville, AR 72712

NWA Tableau Community,


We had a great meeting on Monday and appreciate the attendance and participation.  I have attached the PPT from the meeting and will be attaching some workbooks from some of our presenters when they become available.  Key topics included:


  • Marty Moss presented data basics - Joins and Blends
    • What is a left, right, inner and outer join
    • How joins and blends differ
  • Steve Field with RSi presented some tips on maximizing your screen real estate when working with multi level hierarchies
  • Tyler Buttle presented and demonstrated on how to use parameters to provide different options to different users
  • Megan Putney presented 3 time saving tips covering:
    • How to pivot tables to save time (using a traditional Walmart item/store matrix)
    • Using dual axis charts, and making sure to synchronize the axis
    • Formatting numbers, and fields at the highest level
    • Custom number formatting


We are working on a date for June and will keep you posted.


All the best.