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Glad to see a number of you there yesterday at Ye-Yo's for our quarterly meeting.  During the meeting we touched on how to create custom regions, attached is the presentation and the data file to create custom regions.  I have included the Excel workbook for the example and a second tab to give you some additional practice with an additional sample.

The Evolution of Business Intelligence - Bentonville


June 8, 2017 at 2:30 pm


21c Museum Hotel

200 NE A St

Bentonville, AR 72712

NWA Tableau Community,


We had a great meeting on Monday and appreciate the attendance and participation.  I have attached the PPT from the meeting and will be attaching some workbooks from some of our presenters when they become available.  Key topics included:


  • Marty Moss presented data basics - Joins and Blends
    • What is a left, right, inner and outer join
    • How joins and blends differ
  • Steve Field with RSi presented some tips on maximizing your screen real estate when working with multi level hierarchies
  • Tyler Buttle presented and demonstrated on how to use parameters to provide different options to different users
  • Megan Putney presented 3 time saving tips covering:
    • How to pivot tables to save time (using a traditional Walmart item/store matrix)
    • Using dual axis charts, and making sure to synchronize the axis
    • Formatting numbers, and fields at the highest level
    • Custom number formatting


We are working on a date for June and will keep you posted.


All the best.


NWA Tableau Users,


We have secured the Bentonville Public Library for a usergroup meeting on Monday, May 8th from 3-4pm.  An agenda to follow in the next week.  If you have any topics for us to include, please be sure to reach out.


More good news to follow!

Marty, Megan, Ann, & Mike

Scott Taylor


Posted by Scott Taylor Nov 18, 2016

For those who did not have the opportunity to go to TC16 last week there is a ton of video and other content available on the Tableau Conference Live web page.


I would highly recommend watching the Tableau Vision Keynote and the Devs on Stage Keynote.  There are some amazing things in the development pipeline!

Marty Moss

UDEMY course review

Posted by Marty Moss Nov 2, 2016

NWA TUG - I recently took up the offer on the NWA TUG discount for the UDEMY Tableau 10 starter course detailed in another post.  72 videos varying in 3-12 minutes in length.  About 7 hours of content.


I wanted to offer my perspective on my experience, for those interested.


I worked through 100% of the course content, downloaded all of the sample data and completed all of the practical examples and chapter quizzes. I have previously worked through some Tableau videos on their web site to selectively learn.  This course really closed some of the gaps that I had, and corrected some assumptions I had from my self teaching/experimenting.


This course did NOT cover some of the basics of the typical "grid" reporting that is a part of our business routine.


Key skills learned at a basic level include:

  • Working with time series, and why there are two different options to look at time periods
  • Joining, blending, and why each one is used (and the new Tableau 10 feature of Joining)
  • How Tableau aggregates data (still would like a couple of more examples)
  • Basic table calculations and basic calculated fields
  • Geographies, fixing errors, creating regions, and territory basics
  • Different visualization types (bar charts, scatter plots, area charts, histograms)
  • Dashboards and Stories
  • Clustering
  • Data preparation and Tableau data interpreter
  • Parameters


If you have any specific questions please don't hesitate to reach out to contact me about my experience. 


Also a big thanks to Megan Putney for arranging such a great deal on this course.  $15.00 its a deal for a beginner.

Here are a couple Tableau apps from Interworks.  Two of their developers created these in their spare time and they don't charge for these.

  • Color tool: Use this to change the color theme of your workbook
  • Drawing tool: This one is my favorite.  You can draw shapes over a map to create your custom regions (ie. Walmart Regions)

When you explore the rest of their site,, you'll see they offer other tools for sales such as a workbook merge, performance analyzer and best-practice analyzer.


We used Interworks for our advanced Tableau training and would recommend their services.


Anne Cannon

Change of Venue

Posted by Anne Cannon Oct 17, 2016

Northwest Arkansas


Unfortunately we have had to do a last minute change of venue.  The TUG meeting will now take place at the Sun Products office.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Bentonville Plaza

6th Floor

609 SW 8th Street #635

Bentonville, AR 72712



October 18th -  Meeting Topic & Agenda:  Mapping Basics




Tableau Viz

Geocode 1 Point using a map

Batch Geocoding

Map Layers Menu

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