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Hi all,


For those of you fortunate enough to have attended Tableau on Tour I hope you had a fantastic time, I returned having had 3 days of my inner data geek well and truly satisfied!


Video content of the workshops and breakout sessions is now available on the Tableau Website, please see the link below.


I hope you find the sessions as enjoyable and enlightening as I did.



Hi everyone,


Tableau have announced a series of free to attend events across the UK next month to meet with Andy Cotgreave and the Tableau Zen Masters; the days look a fantastic opportunity to learn new content and meet other Tableau users, details are below:


Andy C and the team will be taking the 5 UK Tableau Zen Masters on the road to the
following cities:


Edinburgh - 4th July

Leeds - 5th July

Birmingham - 6th July

London - 7th July


Each day will have three events:

  • Morning - Hands–on #MakeoverMonday
  • Afternoon - Zen Keynote, and we’ll be recording
         all the sessions and making them available to all
  • Early Evening - Community Drinks – Anyone is
         welcome to join their local community group for a drink and networking