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Hi all,


For those of you fortunate enough to have attended Tableau on Tour I hope you had a fantastic time, I returned having had 3 days of my inner data geek well and truly satisfied!


Video content of the workshops and breakout sessions is now available on the Tableau Website, please see the link below.


I hope you find the sessions as enjoyable and enlightening as I did.



Hi everyone,


Tableau have announced a series of free to attend events across the UK next month to meet with Andy Cotgreave and the Tableau Zen Masters; the days look a fantastic opportunity to learn new content and meet other Tableau users, details are below:


Andy C and the team will be taking the 5 UK Tableau Zen Masters on the road to the
following cities:


Edinburgh - 4th July

Leeds - 5th July

Birmingham - 6th July

London - 7th July


Each day will have three events:

  • Morning - Hands–on #MakeoverMonday
  • Afternoon - Zen Keynote, and we’ll be recording
         all the sessions and making them available to all
  • Early Evening - Community Drinks – Anyone is
         welcome to join their local community group for a drink and networking

Hi all, my name is Nicolas and I am a Graduate Analytics Consultant at Concentra. I'd like to share with you this dashboard on obesity admission episodes in England and the process I used to create it. If you're not familiar with Level of Detail expressions, check out my blog on the different types of LODs and their use cases before you go on reading.


After building a visualisation on Europe’s religious groups which would demonstrate a use case for Tableau’s Level of Detail expressions, I decided to create a blog using healthcare data to show how the same functionality can be applied to a range of topics.

The subject matter I chose to visualise was obesity rates in England, or more specifically hospital admission episodes with a primary diagnosis of obesity in England, by Local Authority in 2014/15. The dataset I used was the “Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet – England 2014/15” published recently by the Health & Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC).

Click on a local authority in the dashboard below and explore for yourself:


  • This dashboard was made possible with the following calculated field: “Total Number of Admissions by Gender”:



     This Fixed LOD works out the sum of people admitted to hospital with a diagnosis of obesity grouped by gender, regardless of what other dimensions are in the view. This is      an application of Proportional Brushing: the Fixed LOD lets you compare the selection (admissions in selected local authority) to the total amount (admissions in England).


     This is plotted in the fact boxes on the left:


  • Once this is calculated it is possible to work out the total number of admissions by gender, as a Percent of the TOTAL number of admissions, with the following calculated field:



    The result is plotted on the bar chart on the right:


  • The tooltips can also be exploited to add dynamically changing information according to which selected LA has been selected. Explore them and find out the number of admissions relative to the population of each LA.


     If you’d like to know more about the different kinds of LOD Expressions, Tableau offers some very useful resources around the topic: take a look at its “Understanding LOD      Expressions” white paper or the interesting list of example it created in its "Top 15 LOD Expressions" article.

Hi All,


I'm writing again to tell you about our most recent blog posts over at Concentra.




Tableau is all about easy to produce, aesthetically pleasing visuals, but there can be a vast difference between visualisations created with or without formatting best practices - as the latter often lacks a certain finesse. This blog will show the four stages of building a Tableau dashboard and what to consider in each of them in order to deliver a polished visualisation.




Level of Detail (LOD) expressions can be notoriously difficult to understand for people that use Tableau. There are three types of LODs: Fixed, Include, and Exclude. This blog will focus on the Include expression.


Visit our blog to see all of our posts: Blog | CONCENTRA

You can create a variety of file types when using Tableau, but do you know what they contain and when to use them best?


Check our newest blog to read a short and concise view of the range of tableau file types available, highlighting their use cases.


Check it out here and improve your Tableau abilities even further:


A Quick Guide to Tableau File Types: Features and Use Cases | CONCENTRA


Keep on the lookout for more tips from the Tableau experts at Concentra.

Laryssa Mariano

Great Tableau tips

Posted by Laryssa Mariano May 10, 2016

Hi All,


Concentra has been releasing great blog posts with Tableau tips to help you enhance your analysis.


These are the latest ones:


- 9 Tips to Use Tableau Like a Pro 9 tips that will help you rock and roll with Tableau.


- How can you Drive Tableau Adoption? 4 Red Flags to Ensure Success If you're about to start or are in the middle of your analytics project or technology implementation, check out these 4 red flags to make you stop and think before you charge ahead.


- How to Enrich your Tableau Visualisations with Mapbox The integration of Tableau with Mapbox allows users to take map customisation to the next level. See how you can use Mapbox to design beautiful and interactive custom maps in Tableau!


- A Quick Guide to Tableau Level of Detail Expressions OD expressions provide a way to easily compute aggregations that are not at the level of detail of the visualisation. Find out more about the various LOD types and business use cases from this blog.


Take a look and improve your Tableau habilities!

24 hours and counting to the Tableau hosted webinar showcasing how Southern Health, supported by Concentra, have used Tableau to create a Data-Driven organisation.


I would love to make this one of Tableau's most successful customer webinar's of 2016 so please join us if you can, the link to register for the event is below:


Thanks in advance



Hi all,


I would love to hear from people within UK Healthcare who are planning on attending Tableau On Tour London this year. Within Southern Health I, along with, 3 of our senior analysts will be attending the event and it would be great to connect with others from UK Healthcare and have an opportunity to build upon meeting everyone at our recent user group.


There is a planned session at Tableau on Tour London to talk specifically about the use of Tableau within UK Healthcare, this session is being hosted by Concentra and further details can be found at the link below:




If you are attending TOT16 London it would be great if you could reply to this post and if people were interested i can happily try to arrange some time for us all to meet up and network further at the event.



Hi all,


During March Digital Health Network hosted a webinar showcasing the use of Tableau within the NHS, for a recording of this webinar please click the link below:


How Tableau has transformed how our NHS Foundation Trust uses data within 6 months


A further webinar with Tableau, Concentra and Southern Health is currently planned for 27th April 2016 (2pm BST), the link to register for this is below:



Hi everyone,


Thank you to the 110+ people who attended the Tableau Healthcare User Group in Basingstoke yesterday (22nd March 2016); I have deliberately left out the UK bit of the User Group as we were incredibly lucky to have Jonas and Jonas not only attend from Denmark but also present their Tableau experience to the group. Feedback from the day has been incredibly positive and it's great to hear so many people left the day feeling inspired by the experience of others and energised to try new approaches and techniques in their use of Tableau (obviously helped by seeing the amazing viz in viz demonstration by Alex Ross!).


As promised the content from the user group will be shared with everyone who attended and those of you who couldn't but have taken the time to register for our online Tableau online community page.


The following content is attached to this blog:


- Agenda

- Viz : Where attendees came from and which organisations attended

- Slide deck : Paul Champkin - Tableau at Unilever

- Slide deck : Adrian Downing - Data Driven Organisation Readiness

- User engagement examples : Simon Beaumont - Release notes, User support events, Fabulous Friday example (celebtrating success and positive performance in Tableau)


The following content will be attached to an additional blog due to the number of attachments


- Viz : Competition entries, Marcela Janowska (winner) and then in no particular order Tom Dewar, Kerri O'Connell and Peter Wong.


The following content will be uploaded shortly:


- Slide deck : Jonas Eskildsen Sorenson - Tableau in Denmark (Region Midtjylland)

- Slide deck : Alex Ross - Tableau 9 through 9.3

- Slde deck : Helen Adams - Tableau in Wales


I am sure everyone who attended would join me in thanking Adrian (Concentra), Rory (Tableau) and all of their colleagues who helped make the day so enjoyable; I look forward to seeing many of you at Tableau On Tour in London on the 13th, 14th and 15th of June.



I thought you might find a couple of webinar's useful as a follow up to our user group yesterday:


- Digital Health Network (Presented on Friday 18th March 2016 at 12:30) : How Tableau has transformed the way Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust uses data within 6 months (Slides attached, web link of the recording to come)


- Tableau hosted webinar (Wednesday 27th Aprul 2016 at 14:00 BST) : Creating a Data-Driven Healthcare Organisation


I hope you enjoy the content.



Hi everyone,


At the Tableau UK Healthcare User Group on 22nd March 2016 we provided you with a dummy healthcare data set as part of a competition for all attendees to see who could make the most impressive viz.


In total we had 4 entries; Marcela Janowksa, Kerri O'Connell, Tom Dewar and Peter Wong.


Thanks to the generosity of Concentra, Marcela Janowska, won a ticket to Tableau on Tour in London in recognition of the great viz she created.


Attached to this blog are the 4 entries made to the competition, feel free to download the packaged workbook and see for yourself how each entry approached the task.