• Does Tableau desktop specialist certification also includes Tableau Prep?

    Does Tableau desktop specialist certification also includes Tableau Prep?
    Janardan Chorat
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  • User Community Meet Up

    Friends,   Till date we had two events in India - Mumbai and Bengaluru. I have received few suggestions on way forward for the user community meet up. I have been requested to have continuous Webinars, and proba...
    Anees Merchant
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  • Tableau - Migration of Dashboards.pdf

    This document will give you an overview and then will walk you through the steps of migrating a Tableau dashboard (workbook) from one environment to other. It also cover all the fixes and readjustments that are requir...
    Manish Singh
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  • Looking for Tableau Opportunity

    Hi Tableau Mumbai Users Group,   Hope you are doing good!   I am currently for job opportunities in Data Analytics(SAP BI, Tableau and MS Power BI).   Worked as SAP BI Engineer at KPIT Technologies. ...
  • i have a question how to get result from following code i getting aggregate non aggregate mismatch error getting any body help me

    sum([all time calc])-MAX([no schedule time calc])-MAX([Unplanned down time calc])-MAX([Planned down time calc])*100/ SUM([All time])
    nagendra perumalla
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  • How to create a multi-colored progress bar? One that has a circle which slides when I vary numbers from 1-100

    My project demands me to make a horizontal bar with 5 different colors(1-20 Blue, 21-40 Green...81-100 Red). The underlying data when varied across 1-100 should give me a circle/indicator as to where I am. The below ...
    Viresh Maheswari
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  • Any meet-ups planned in Mumbai in 2018?

    Hi All,   I moved to India in the beginning of this year and wanted to see if there are any meet-up planned in the city.   Thanks, Ashish
    Ashish Shah
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  • Want to get your support for Idea Voting - Country Specific Fiscal Calendar -

    Hi Mumbai TUG team,   My Name is Shin Murakami and want to get your assistance..   This link has detail. https://community.tableau.com/ideas/4997   My friends in Japan  have been struggling more th...
    Shinichiro Murakami
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  • Features of Tableau 10.5

    New Features | Tableau Software
    Vishal Shrivastava
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  • Intallation of tableau server in ubintu Os

    Any one can help me how to install tableau desktop in ubuntu 16.4 os .
    ashok khatua
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  • Unleash your creative side with JavaScript API.

    Learn how to create a variety of customized and automated interactions with embedded vizzes. http://tabsoft.co/2fhdEk0
    Sarah Kurian
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  • Anyone here headed for the Tableau Conference 2017 ?

    Anyone here headed for the Tableau Conference 2017 ? Would like to catch up and understand/discuss what each of us are expecting out of the conference and how to best navigate through the schedule.
  • T-model that summarizes data roles and skills

    This visualization focuses on results from a survey of 32 different job titles and 12 different skills.Click on a job title that interests you to see the related tools used & their frequency of use. https://public...
    Vishal Shrivastava
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  • Week numbers are different (Tableau calendar and ISO calendar) Weekday starts from monday to sunday

    Tableau does not  support ISO calendar, rather it has its own . By ISO week#1 of year 2016 is starting from (4th-jan-2016 to 10th-jan-2016)  that is correct , but in tableau week#1 is stating from (1st-jan...
    rohan makhija
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    I have a sample dataset with one measure and one dimension , first get percentage of total of dimension. I want bar chart in output where only that dimension's records shows whose are in 80% of total and rest are show...
    Avinash Singh
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  • Tableau eLearning  Self-paced education for your organization

    What is Tableau eLearning? Tableau eLearning allows you to easily onboard and educate your team in a consistent and scalable way. eLearning courses help users learn the ins and outs of Tableau at their own pace, when ...
    Vishal Shrivastava
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  • Classroom training in Mumbai or Pune?

    Do we have any class room training sessions conducted in Mumbai or Pune?
    Pravin Joshi
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  • Coming Soon Tableau 10.3

    Some of the exciting features planned for this release include the .pdf connector, data driven alerts, table and join recommendations, and more web authoring capabilities.  Plus, the Tableau Online Sync client is...
    Vishal Shrivastava
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  • Visualizing keyboard shortcuts in Tableau

    Check out the viz below. The viz has the following features: It includes both Mac and Windows keyboards It includes both keyboard shortcuts and mouse actions It categorizes the utility of shortcuts and actions ...
    Vishal Shrivastava
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  • Tableau 10.2 released !!

    Tableau 10.2 includes a host of features to help customers maximize the impact of their data. Customers can tackle complex geospatial analysis with shapefile support, opening up entirely new analytical scenarios. We&#...
    Vishal Shrivastava
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