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Recently our Tableau Solutions Consultant Team presented a webinar on how to build a real time floor plan dashboard.  We had a solid turnout (Thank you, we hope you found it helpful!) and some excellent Q&A!  For those of you that missed it, for those of you that would like to replicate the process and for those of you that would like to see how the data was constructed, I have included several resources here for you:


1) A Link to a recording of the session(Tableau Mapping for Healthcare | Tableau Software) as part of the larger Tableau for Healthcare Series (Tableau for Healthcare | Tableau Software )

2) The Data (Current ED Patients.xlsx)

3) The Presentation (Real-Time Floorplan Dashboard Presentation (shareable).twbx)

4) The Blank Floor plan Dashboard with the instructions in the captions (Floorplan Dashboard - blank.twb)

5) The sample image of a floor plan (hospital-floor-plan.png)

6) The blank floor plan data file (Floor Plan - blank.xlsx)

7) The completed floor plan data file (Floor Plan.xlsx)

8) The javascript page that has the nice refresh (RefreshIFRAME3.html)


Items 2 through 8 are in the attached zip file.  I hope you find this helpful!


For those of you that want to jump right in....


1) get an image of the floorplan you want to use as your background.

2) open Floorplan Dashboard - blank.twb and start from the leftmost tab and follow the instructions in the captions.