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Hamburg Tableau User Group

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Let me, first of all, wish you all a happy new year.

(As I don't speak German I hope you excuse me for addressing your community in English).


I just joined your group and would like to introduce myself.

My name is Alessandro Halénén-9165095

Until recently I was CEO at a Swedish ERP-reseller "DataPartner i Helsingborg AB", one of the leading resellers of Visma SPCS.


During my time with DataPartner I initiated a project to assess a future BI-platform for the Swedish market and completely fell in love with Tableau. Having looked into other platforms such as  Qlick (Sense and View) and MS Power BI, it was clear to me that Tableau had what is needed for a small/midsized (Swedish) company in order to increase its BI-abilities.


Hence we are in the process of establishing a new company (BI-supplier of Tableau and services) on the Swedish market.  At this point, I have to limit the information.


I'm currently building an exciting network of eager people seeing and feeling the opportunities with Tableau. I'm in the search of freelance-consultants interested in additional business. He/she should be well acquainted with the various Tableau-products, (able to build sheets and workbooks) and/or database-work. The extent of work (amount of hours) is up to you.


In case of interest or questions feel free to contact me at for further dialogue. 


Best regards


Alessandro Halén

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