• Looking for Tableau consultant for fine tuning dashboards

    Hi all, I am part of a small private foundation and I have been working with Tableau just about 1 year. However, I have another 40/week position and do not have a lot of hours to commit to playing in Tableau (no matt...
    Amy Nossaman
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  • Winter 2020 Meeting: Michelle's Demo Workbook

    Here is a link to Michelle's demo dashboards on the #DSMTUG Tableau Public site.   Tableau Public
  • Q1 2020 DSM TUG Meetup

    Hello Everyone!   Please join us for the Q1 2020 DSM TUG Meetup on February 27th from 2:00pm - 4:00pm.   Continental Western Group is the host site.   Our presenter is Carrie Gosnell, Data Scientist...
  • Save The Date! Q1 2020 DSM TUG Meetup

    Hi everyone! The date for the next TUG meetup has been set: Thursday Feb 27th from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at Continental Western Group in Urbandale.   Stay tuned for more information!   Michelle
    Michelle Kosmicki
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  • Q1 2020 TUG Meetup

    Hi Everyone! Hope everyone had a great holiday season.   Kirk Ojendyk  and I are starting to plan for the Q1 2020 TUG meetup.   It looks like we'll be reaching into February 2020 for a date. If you'd...
  • Tableau Conference 2019: Data Night Out

    My apologies for the mix up yesterday. Let's try getting the group together again.   Data Night out is a really fun event for all of us. If you'd like, please gather near the photo booth, which is near the shutt...
  • DSM TUG Meetup @ TC19

    After Iron Viz, let's meet up over at B Side at House of Blues in Mandalay Bay. The invite is set for 7:00 pm, but that is to allow us a bit of time to get there from the Iron Viz venue. If you arrive earlier...no wor...
  • DSM TUG on Tableau Public!

    Hi everyone! Our TUG now has a space on Tableau Public to display our demo dashboards.   Check it out here: Tableau Public   If you are a past presenter and have demo dashboards you'd like posted, let Mi...
  • tabcmd template.bat

    Hello! Here is the sample tabcmd file. There is a link to the documentation for tabcmd in the file, or you can find it here too: tabcmd - Tableau   Let me know if you have questions.   Michelle
    Michelle Kosmicki
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  • DSM TUG 2019-09 _ TC Europe 2019 _ Lynn Steffen.pdf

    Hi everyone! Here are Lynn Steffen's slides from yesterday.   Michelle
    Michelle Kosmicki
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  • DSM TUG Fall 2019 Meeting

    Hi Everyone!  The Fall DSM TUG meeting has been scheduled!   DSM TUG Fall 2019 Meeting, Sept 17, 2019, 9:00am - 11:00am at Strategic America.   https://www.meetup.com/Des-Moines-Tableau-User-Group-DS...
  • September 2019 Meeting Presenters/Hosts

    Hi everyone!   I'm looking for volunteers to host/present at the September 2019 DSMTUG meeting. Let me know if you'd like to show off what you've been doing with Tableau or Host a talented group of Vizzers. ...
  • another visual vocabulary

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  • visual vocabulary

    Here's the workbook I referenced to Scott's question during the June meeting.   Visual Vocabulary | Tableau Public   Please do NOT download this workbook (per the author's request).
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  • Files from June DSM TUG

    All   Thanks for everyone able to attend the June session! Sorry for the technical difficulties we had at the beginning so appreciate your patience! I've attached my word doc describing the '6 factor' feature ra...
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  • Data Analyst Position with LCS

    My name is Dustin Shandri. I am a Senior Market Research Analyst with LCS (Lifecare Services). We have created a new Data Analyst position within our team. We'd like this individual to have prior experience in Tableau...
    Dustin Shandri
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  • DSM TUG Social Event - May

    Come join us for some fun! This is a big THANK YOU to our awesome community! Regular meetings will start up again in June, so stay tuned for that!   Register at one of the following links (no need to register bo...
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  • Slide deck and workbooks from March 2019 DSM TUG

    All,   thank you to all the brave souls making it to our meeting today! And thanks to Emily Bussiere, Cort McElmury, and Michelle Kosmicki speaking and hosting today's event! Attached to this post are some of th...
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  • Data set for 3/7 DSM TUG

    Please download the data set for our hands-on part on 3/7.
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  • Upcoming events for Des Moines TUG

    Greetings all! Hope you are having a great start to 2019, and keeping warm! Below are links to our next couple of events coming up. you can register either at our new User Group site OR the Meetup site - no need to re...
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